Project Description


Data, Gaming, &
Nerds: A Bizarre
Love Triangle

CPG, Adult Beverages

ADDY’s Best in Show

The Lowdown

A dragon-themed, bourbon-barrel aged stout is not for everyone. But for ‘beer nerds’ and nerds who love beer, it’s the holy grail. Using the power of Big Data, our Social Data Intelligence team uncovered this fan base and surprised them with an experience full of everything they love: Raid the Dragon’s Hoard, a retro video game that mixed fantasy, adventure, and real-world prizes.

VIP kits designed as retro video game packages went to nerd influencers to hype the game.

Real-world loot was won, from a chainmail necktie to a Playstation 5.



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12+ minutes

average time on site


YOY growth in sales velocity

We don’t fuck around. And when we do, we don’t fuck around.

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