Saying "So Long" to the Northwest Marketing Guy

By Published On: Feb 9, 20181.3 min read

Agency/client relationships, unfortunately, come and go. With the average CMO tenure hovering at less than two years, it’s not surprising that there is a revolving door at brand headquarters, with agencies coming and going.
With that in mind, it’s unusual to have a client/brand relationship that lasts nearly 18 years, with a client/contact relationship that extends to nearly 25 years. That’s been the case with Rod Brooks and DNA.
Rod is a true marketing force in the Northwest. He has not only led marketing for brands like Coinstar and PEMCO Insurance, but has extended his influence in the community to organizations like the AMA, MCEI, The Word of Mouth Marketing Association and DECA.
PEMCO was probably the highlight of Rod’s career where he worked with us on what is arguably the most breakthrough and memorable campaign in Seattle, PEMCO Profiles. This campaign put PEMCO on the lips of nearly every consumer in Seattle, many of whom shared their own stories of the quirky people who live here. Oh, and it also did a ton to grow PEMCO’s business and company culture.
On the evening of January 31st, we had the pleasure of celebrating Rod’s retirement from PEMCO. Friends, family and colleagues all gathered together to share stories, Northwest cuisine (Dick’s burgers, Ezelle’s fried chicken, Ivar’s fish & chips), Northwest beer and wine, and the Northwest’s most famous marketing guy.
Congratulations Rod – one door is closing, but many others have just opened.

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