DNA Wins Bronze at the WARC Awards for Effectiveness

By Published On: Feb 6, 20231.7 min read

Big news, y’all. DNA (i.e., us) was just awarded Bronze at the WARC Awards for Effectiveness in the Instant Impact category for our Pabst is the Place campaign.

For anyone out there who doesn’t know, the WARC Awards for Effectiveness are a pretty big deal. They shine a light on our industry’s most inspiring and effective work. Delivered in association with Cannes Lions, the awards are built and benchmarked on the consistent, global language of the Effectiveness Code and judged using the Creative Effectiveness Ladder.

In other words: To be recognized, your work can’t just look cool—it needs to actually move the needle in a meaningful way.

Alongside goliath brands like Pepsi, Wendy’s and the NAACP, DNA won in the Instant Impact category, which features work that demonstrates immediate impact for a brand that directly led to commercial gain, behavior change, or new opportunities for long-term growth. And this is exactly what we accomplished with our campaign for Pabst Blue Ribbon.

About the *Winning* Campaign:

DNA needed to stage an epic comeback for Pabst during the category’s busiest sales season. So, we made PBR the buzz of the summer with the ultimate throwback experience that everyone wanted to tap into. 

The Pabst is the Place campaign leaned into PBR’s classic brand heritage to fuel people’s desire for nostalgia—complete with a retro Midwest motel takeover for a highly immersive PBR experience. The campaign set out to turn PBR into a trending conversation and ultimately over-delivered on all campaign objectives while laying the foundation for future brand growth by thrusting PBR back into the center of popular culture.

Taking home accolades for compelling creative work is always exciting, but the WARC Awards feel especially important because it’s a measure of creative caliber AND how effective our work is for our clients. And we’ll happily drink to that!

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