Industry insight: what brands should do about the NRA

By Published On: Feb 27, 20181 min read
The National Rifle Association (NRA) continues to face pressure from brands as public sentiment heats up over the organization. So far, the likes of Hertz, Avis, Norton, MetLife, Lifelock, Delta and United have discontinued partnerships with the NRA.
Brands that have yet to cut ties are facing increasing calls to act as well, but the NRA has hit back claiming the moves as being motivated by politics.
The Drum asked marketing industry professionals to weigh in with their thoughts on severing ties with the NRA, brand transparency when working with organizations and how those types of partnerships can affect brands.
Do you believe brands should sever ties with the NRA? Why or why not?
“I think companies who decide to either abandon their relationship with the NRA, or those who choose to continue to support them send a strong message to the marketplace about their values – and people will read that in ways that connect to their own personal values. The NRA partnership/affiliation decision has ramifications to each business, both positive and negative – but the consumer decision comes down to an issue of shared values.”
– Alan Brown, chief executive officer, DNA Seattle

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