Project Description


Making Pabst
The Place To Be

CPG, Adult Beverages


The Lowdown

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a deeply nostalgic brand, evoking memories and images of times past, no matter your age. To drum up awareness for this classic brand, we used that exact nostalgia to depict Pabst as a place—one that exists in your mind—where times are good, beer is cold, and friendship is forever. And it’s a place you can turn to with the simple crack of a can.

We crafted a detailed image of this special Pabsty place…

…and showed how PBR gets you there instantly.

The entire campaign transported audiences to the nostalgic mindset that only Pabst can evoke.

Making Pabst a place in your mind was cool.
Making it a place IRL was next level.

The Dive Bar

The Rec Room

The Arcade

Guests, brand partners, and diehard PBR fans traveled from all over the country to stay at Pabst: The Place.


Featured On

The Tonight Show, Forbes, ADWEEK, NBC & More


earned media reach

$13,047,729.70 (AVE)

in earned media ad value

We don’t fuck around. And when we do, we don’t fuck around.

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