Telling the Cray Story

By Published On: Mar 23, 20171.5 min read

We’ve never produced more data per millisecond than we do right now, and the pace is only accelerating.
On one hand, that means there’s more opportunity to measure, learn, analyze, and improve how our world works. On the other, there’s a greater need for the tools of insight to extract meaning from and act on that data. It’s in this context that Cray approached DNA – how can we leverage an unmatched legacy in supercomputing to connect with the multitude of new audiences that are approaching their own frontiers in data, analytics, and intelligence? And, how do we express the Cray story to the world in a way that encompasses both the unseen everyday presence in our lives and the never-before-seen innovations that will transform our lives next?
From forecasting the weather, to sequencing human genomes, to simulating our brain functions with the highest degree of fidelity, Cray is behind some of the most critical, ubiquitous, and transformative technologies that touch our lives. And, they’ve occupied a hallowed space at the top of supercomputing performance from their inception in 1972 through to today – it’s a brand with a rich heritage of firsts that has somehow always been looking ahead. As sci-fi author William Gibson stated, “the future is here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.” In the realm of Big Data and analytics and computing, here could very well refer to inside the walls at Cray, which is why we’re so excited to add them to our roster of clients at DNA.
Together, we’re looking forward to telling the Cray story in a way that’s worthy of the vision guiding the brand from the inside, and the possibilities that will create for shaping the world outside.

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