Data that Digs Deeper

Social Data Intelligence (SDI) is a research discipline combining AI and big data technology, all helmed by a team of seasoned data strategists. With this capability, DNA has unparalleled access to collect and analyze millions of conversations across the internet regarding any company, industry, product or subject matter. SDI delivers fast, accurate insights revealing behaviors, attitudes, passion drivers and unexpected trends that embolden our clients’ marketing efforts and drive impact against their business objectives.

Converting the voice of the internet into intelligence you can actually use.

At DNA, we don’t believe in copy+paste research. SDI is custom-fit to your needs and delivers intriguing, actionable info. Here are just a few great examples.

  • Where your most ride-or-die fans spend their time
  • Key audience passion points 
  • Personas defined by unique conversations, themes, verbiage & sentiments
  • In-depth competitive analyses, insights & misfires
  • Conversation hijacking opportunities

Want to seize the data with us?

We don’t fuck around. And when we do, we don’t fuck around.

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