Pay for the way you use your phone.

By Published On: Oct 9, 20180.9 min read

DNA recently got back into the telecommunications industry by launching new work for national wireless-carrier Consumer Cellular. The agency has a wealth of industry experience, having launched Simple Mobile Wireless in 2010 and having key executives that were former account, creative and strategy leads on the T-Mobile account at Publicis.
Consumer Cellular is positioned as a wireless-carrier for Baby Boomers. And after new product launches targeted at this growing segment from both AT&T and T-Mobile, Consumer Cellular turned to DNA to help bring new relevance to the brand. DNA’s “Just For You” creative campaign shows the numerous ways Baby Boomers use their phone, but more importantly that Consumer Cellular has plans based on actual usage, as opposed to bundled services and features that are often left unused by this target. Through Consumer Cellular, Baby Boomers can finally get a plan where they only pay for the services they use, and nothing more.
The campaign is running nationally in both television and digital.

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