Our Commitment to Change

By Published On: Jun 18, 20211.5 min read

It’s been nearly a year since we committed to change and released our diversity data on Juneteenth of 2020. It’s fair to say that our collective efforts were not just a moment; it is a movement in addressing a broken system. We have seen tremendous momentum throughout the industry, and we must keep it going.

At DNA, we have taken a solid first step in creating a more inclusive agency that better reflects the diverse audiences of the brands we serve. 76% of our hires over the last year have been BIPOC talent, resulting in significant statistical increases in most racial/ethnic diversity categories. We have also moved the agency from being majority male to now a 50/50 split between female and male.

All of this started with a hard look inward at our hiring practices, developing a DE&I strategic plan by leadership, and commitment to inclusivity by everyone at DNA. We’re proud of our progress, but we also recognize there is still much work to be done. In addition to joining the #CommitToChange Campaign, we committed to 600 & Rising’s 12 Action Steps addressing the systemic racism afflicting our industry. We have either accomplished or made substantial progress against nine actions, but none on three.

We understand for this movement to continue, we need to put in the work. Not just in transparency but also in policy and advocacy. We hope the release of this information will inspire others to do the same. Or, at the very least, ask themselves how they can be a part of positive change.

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