The Math that Measures the Mission

LoveMap™ is DNA’s proprietary research tool that measures love, connection and engagement between people and brands. We use LoveMap scores to guide creative recommendations, track progress over time, gain intel on competitors, and most importantly, map brand love to the business outcomes that matter most.

Developed in partnership with mark forehand, PHD + Chair of the marketing department at UW’s Foster School of Business

LoveMap can be used as a standalone tool or as an addition to existing brand tracking studies. Here are just a few of our favorite ways to use this powerful, versatile tool.

  • Brand Perception Research
  • Usage and Attitude Determination
  • Competitive Analysis and Conquesting Strategy
  • Tactic Identification and Campaign Performance
  • Predictive Modeling and KPI Development

Want to see where your brand maps?

We don’t fuck around. And when we do, we don’t fuck around.

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