Let’s Milk The Holidays!

By Published On: Nov 1, 20181.3 min read

This fall we released the “Let’s Milk The Holidays!” campaign for Darigold – the 100-year-old farmer-owned dairy cooperative. This marks the first creative execution by DNA since winning the account in a long competitive review this past summer.
For us, Halloween through New Year’s is the best three months of the year, and it’s permission to let out your inner 8-year-old. The ads capture how individuals and families take Halloween (along with Thanksgiving and Christmas) celebrations to extremes, and how at the center of it all are the gatherings where we all come together.
As the first leaf falls signifying the start of fall, our Halloween-crazed people turn on the spirit with outrageous costumes, yards full of blow-up decorations and even a chain-saw-wielding pumpkin carver. They also buy Darigold butter by the pound-full, turning out cookies in all pumpkin, ghost, Santa, and Christmas tree shapes imaginable. The goal was to pack all of the best parts of the holiday’s – the decorations, the silly outfits, and of course the delicious food – into the campaign.
For the campaign we leveraged a variety of hyper-targeted media units such as placements on Hulu, Facebook and Instagram, and other platforms, to build awareness and consideration of the brand, including a series of 6-second unskippable ads designed for social and digital, as well as longer form ads in a variety of lengths.
Enjoy the anthem spot below:

We’ll begin rolling out new integrated marketing and advertising work for Darigold in 2019 that will live in digital, social, and include in-store activations.

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