Rob Scherzer

For more than a decade Rob has been inspiring meaningful and creative marketing experiences, squeezing every ounce of cultural insight from data-driven ethnographic research. 

As DNA’s Director of Innovation & Digital Experience, he believes most business challenges are secret opportunities to ask smart, difficult questions and quest for truisms in big data; He lives to champion work that is always growing more authentic, more effective and more affective.

Being the swiss army knife he is, Rob brings his expertise to Pabst, New Business, Rainier, Lonestar, Golden 1, BECU, Project:SugarFree, Tableau, and AAA at the agency.

In lifetimes previous to his past four years at DNA, Rob helped lead digital strategy and expertise at Wexley School for Girls, launched rockets with a DARPA aerospace contractor, and Tour Managed the Broadway company of Rent through Asia.