Director of Comms Planning & Media

Renee Dornan

As head of media, Ré is responsible for leading the integration of media, comms, data, martech and measurement into every corner of our existing and new client business. She’s had the privilege of pioneering “firsts” for iconic brands like Microsoft, AT&T, GoDaddy, Hawaiian Airlines, and Group Health. Her expertise spans diverse industries, including technology, CPG, Alcohol, Gaming, Outdoor, Extreme Sports, Finance, and Ecommerce Retail.

At the age of 14, Ré saw “What Women Want” and knew exactly what she wanted to do when she grew up. She’s been passionate about marketing and advertising ever since. Her over 15 years of success is rooted in the art of finding the delicate balance between qualitative and quantitative measures. She follows the “Measure Everything” motto, using insights to weave compelling stories that drive impactful business decisions across the customer’s journey.

As a true testament to ginger power, Ré always stands out in a crowd. She’s a lover of tequila, a Chopped-level home chef, and considers family her greatest achievement.