Imagine the Possibilities

By Published On: Dec 4, 20151 min read

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual tradition in our family. All of the younger kids gather in front of the TV, biding their time past anonymous high school marching bands and garish floats, waiting for Santa to arrive. The adults, on the other hand do our best to try to act like we’ve remotely heard of the performers, and marvel at how awful the lip-syncing is.
The year, one thing brought the room to a dead silence with all eyes glued to the TV. A university classroom fills in with students, capturing their candid reactions as a young girl who enters and announces that she will be their professor. Cut to another young girl who is a vet who begins to examine a puppy, followed by a young girl who is a soccer coach.
It’s a new spot for Barbie, introducing the tagline “You Can Be Anything.” And the execution is flawless – showing how Barbie helps inspire play and possibility in girls. Quite a difference from the Barbie stereotype of my childhood that was all about T&A, Ken and a big Barbie Dreamhouse. I like this 2016 Barbie.

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