H2OMG! DNA Launches Water Damage Prevention Campaign for PEMCO

By Published On: Jun 15, 20171 min read

Unlike natural disasters, water damage is a preventable event. But few people are aware that by taking a few simple steps, you can protect your home and put your mind at ease. This is why DNA and long-time client PEMCO Mutual Insurance Co. teamed up to create a series of tutorials to keep PEMCO Home Policy customer’s floors dry and homes looking fly.


PEMCO launched their customer-facing campaign this week with a goal of decreasing the quantity and severity of preventable water loss claims. This requires customers to not only be aware of the causes of water loss, but also understand the simple steps they can take to avoid future property damage.
At the campaign’s landing page, pemco.com/unnaturaldisasters, visitors can explore a virtual house and click on hotspots to learn useful tips on preventing water damage. The Unnatural Disasters short, animated tutorials offer an entertaining, unique to the category solution for PEMCO customers.

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