DNA Crafts ‘This Is Healthy’ Campaign for Group Health

By Published On: Jul 20, 20161.7 min read

Inviting consumers into a socially led conversation about what is healthy, is the idea behind our new marketing campaign for Group Health Cooperative.
The “This Is Healthy” campaign recently launched throughout digital, social and out of home channels, and is designed to reach target audiences by engaging them in defining what healthy living means to them through pictures, stories, actions, words and more.

“Our views on what it means to be truly healthy are changing. We define ourselves by our mind, body, and spirit. Not the time spent in the gym,” noted Caroline Ballaine, Director of Strategy.

“Forever, the healthcare industry has been showing happy, shiny people exercising in their advertising. We wanted to redefine being healthy as something more meaningful. Being healthy is not about attaining perfection. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and enjoying your life,” explained Kammie McArthur, Creative Director on the new campaign.“We leveraged research from Group Health to inspire a movement about the changing definition of health and are inviting the community to redefine and express how healthy living as a way of life is evolving.”
Group Health members are encouraged to visit a microsite where they can share their experiences about how they live lives that they describe as healthy. The site also aggregates member’s social posts to demonstrate the wide ranging member points of view about what living a healthy life looks like and means. Posts range from photos of walking the dog to attending the Pride parade, to paddling at 80 years old.
We created a heavy concentration of online elements to build a more robust community in the digital space. The campaign uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and targeted online display ads to connect with consumers and ask them to join Group Health and its members in redefining the notion of “healthy” by sharing their “This is Healthy” moments with the hashtag #ThisIsHealthy.
So join in the conversation and let us know what “healthy” means to you.

This Is Healthy

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