Cray, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, in partnership with DNA named a Webby Award Honoree

By Published On: Apr 30, 20201 min read

Cray, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, in partnership with DNA, has been named a 24th Webby Award, Honoree for “Fighting a Crop-Killer With Supercomputing and Scientific Collaboration”. The award-winning video showcases how a scientific team uses computation and creativity to save a critical food source and launch a new generation of science in East Africa.
The cassava plant helps feed 800 million people worldwide. In East Africa, this critical food source is under siege from viruses spread by whiteflies. Boykin talks about the threat to lives and livelihoods the pest represents, the international effort to fight it, and how supercomputing flips the script on a once unwinnable war.
Cray supports visionaries like Laura and her scientific colleagues in East Africa in combining computation and creativity to change outcomes.

DNA was thrilled to accompany Cray to Australia and support their mission of promoting scientists and visionaries, working to create a better future.
This video was one of three produced by DNA’s in-house production studio, Petting Zoo.
To learn more about Cray, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and the life-saving work their supercomputers are doing, visit:

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