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DNA (feat. SONOS) | (2) DNA’s Culture Playlist

People who work at DNA are called ‘AND-ers.’ Why? Because DNA spelled backwards is AND. More importantly, an AND-er is a ‘yes and’ personality. Building on ideas, staying curious and optimistic. We’re not limited by the title on our business card. An AND-er is not just one thing, we’re many things.

For our culture playlist, we asked some of our AND-ers to tell us about a song that is “more than just a song.” Like Sonos, we believe music isn’t just background noise. It shapes our lives. This playlist is living, loving proof of that, and a sonic expression of the culture at DNA. Scroll down to meet some of our AND-ers, and you’ll find the full playlist at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.


Senior Strategist

Ovidio Hinojosa

My song is Younger Us by Japandroids. I love it because I think it’s the perfect get-up-and-go song, it’s the perfect thing for getting motivated for anything. It’s fast, energetic, and extremely positive without being saccharine, unrealistic, or insincere.

Account Coordinator

India Jencks

My song is Evil Woman by Electric Light Orchestra. First started listening to it once heard in my first wildly inappropriate PG-13 movie series for a youngin’, “Austin Powers” with my best friend. It wasn’t the movie, itself, that I latched onto but the fact that I got to dance to an upbeat jam with my main pal. 19 years later and we’re still jammin’ to it now.

Founder + Chairman

Alan Brown

My song is Into The Groove by Madonna. When Madonna’s first album came out in 1983 and Into the Groove was released as a single in 1984, I was just coming out. And, I just took my first trip to NYC. The whole NYC vibe in the early 80’s and this song in particular felt like it gave me permission to start being who I am.

Project Manager

Kristine Balicoco

All The Small Things from blink-182. I know, a bit silly and cheesy, it truly is a soundtrack to core memories: blasting with girlfriends on car rides home, dancing around in the living room with my brothers and sisters, and hearing a whole arena belt along to it during a concert. It just launches a goofy kind of happiness. Plus, as the “I grew up in SoCal in the 00s” would be incomplete without this some sort of blink-182 homage (I’m from San Diego).

Associate Creative Director

Lindell Serrin

The Rip by Portishead is beyond a song to me. More than any other single piece of art that I’ve experienced, it so eloquently captures the complex, inexplicable range of emotions and intangible feelings of the human experience. The deep feelings of melancholy, sweetness, hope, and joy both crush and embolden me every time I listen to it. Heavy stuff!

Senior Integrated Producer

Maddy Giordano

My song is Fantasy by Earth, Wind & Fire. My dad would blast this song and the like every Saturday morning to get the family and weekend vibes going. It never gets old for me and I still often crank it up on weekends or on a sunny day drive – it just makes me feel so goooood.

Creative Director

Mishy Cass

My song – Ooh Child by The Five Stairsteps. When I was a kid growing up in Minnesota, I felt that song was talking to me directly. Looking back now, as if I had any real hardships, but when you’re a teenager with 3 sisters and your navigating boys and sibling rivalry and strict immigrant parents who don’t get American culture, it feels like the world is coming down on ya. This song gave little awkward 12 year-old me hope. And it still does.

Senior Art Director

Sho Ito

I was 19 when I discovered 7/4 Shoreline by Broken Social Scene on local radio, shortly after moving to the States from Japan. I didn’t understand English much then, but was taken back by how much the song resonated with me. I believe great music connects people across all boundaries, and this song is a memorable example for me.

Brand Strategy Director

Lauren Sooudi

Fleet FoxesBlue Ridge Mountains

In 2010 I was searching for my first solo apartment and listening to Fleet Foxes self-titled album on repeat. I walked into an apartment viewing on Capitol Hill and almost tripped over a row of guitar cases. The current renter was still in the apartment moving things out, so I struck up a conversation. He was letting go of his lease because his band was going on tour. Turns out it was Skyler Skjelslet’s apartment–mandolin player for the Fleet Foxes. I signed the lease on the spot. Now their music always reminds me of that time of my life.

Assistant Media Planner

Michael Miller

I picked American Boy by Estelle. I remember being a kid, hearing it on the radio on my way to school, and immediately knowing that it would always be one of my favorite songs. “American Boy” is a staple on almost every single playlist I make, it’s my go-to karaoke selection, and it’s the song that’s guaranteed to make even the pickiest music listeners sing-along. It’s everything I want in a song, versatile and timeless.

Visual Effects Artist

Nicolas Gomiero

One of my all time favorite song is Salute your Solution by The Raconteurs. That song has the power to put me in the best mood right away! Every time I feel too lazy to do anything, I put this music on and 30 seconds later I’m dancing in my in living room and I’m more hyped than ever.

Talent and Culture Director

Char Short

Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire. This song reminds me of my dad and it grounds me when I belt it out loud or sing it in my head, almost like a meditation. Johnny Cash’s 8 track tapes are the soundtrack to my childhood and my dad’s love of Johnny Cash was right up there with Jesus, both very important figures in my home growing up. The spirit of redemption was everywhere.

Media Supervisor

Francisca Moliere

IntentionalTravis Greene

No matter if I’m going through something in life, clean up day at home, or a Saturday errand jam session. This song always makes my playlist and if it plays once, there’s a high chance it’s repeated at least 3 more times over.

Director of Growth

Danielle DeVera

My song is Awaken by Big Wild and Surfaces, a collaboration between two of my favorite artists. This song speaks to my soul on a different level; it’s part love song, part reminder of how home is not a place but rather a state of mind. Every time I listen to this song, it brings me to a place where I feel alive.

Creative Director

Allyson Paisley

A song that comes to mind is You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oates. My husband sang it to me at our wedding, along with a few others—but that one definitely stands out as the best. He hit all the high notes! I was equally impressed AND embarrassed. Every time it comes on the radio, it takes me back :)

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